Palo Alto Fields Hotline: 329-2697

The Palo Alto Park and Rec department updates daily a field closure hotline that should be checked prior to heading over to any Palo Alto playing field if there has been significant rainfall within 48 hours of a game.


Find map of Palo Alto Parks in this document.

Find map of Palo Alto Schools at Palo Alto Unified School District website.

Directions to FallBall fields used for away games are here (PDF).

Greer Park Fields

Juniors & Seniors Fields

Click here for names, addresses and links to maps.

JLS Field Designations and Limitations

For both Jordan and JLS Middle Schools, PALL only has field access after 4:30 pm. Before that, the fields are used by the school for their after school sports. Teams should not practice before 4:30 pm. on these fields

Cubberly Community Center Fields