Palo Alto Little League is sustained entirely by volunteer efforts and contributed funds. The quality of the program is directly proportional to the support given by parents.

Like many other leagues, Palo Alto Little League requires a minimum level of volunteer support from the parents of all players at every level of play. The reverse side of the player application form identifies a number of possible volunteer positions that must be filled annually to ensure the smooth operation of the league. It is a requirement of registration that a volunteer for at least one of the identified positions represent every applicant. As an alternative, parents may choose to “buy out” their volunteer responsibility by making a monetary donation in lieu of contributing their time.

Team managers* and coaches* are the most visible group of volunteers because of their direct and sustained contact with the players. Two games plus one or two practices per week consume a great deal of time. However, those parents with the available time will find that managing or coaching are very rewarding ways to contribute to Palo Alto youth and interested applicants are always welcome. Please contact the appropriate Player Agent for the level at which you are interested in participating to make your interest known.

Other team and league support positions are available to parents with even less time or for those who prefer to make a one-time contribution, such as providing assistance at Opening Day Ceremonies, participating in occasional field cleanup activities, coordinating the team photo, issuing and retrieving uniforms, helping with the Bat-a-thon fund drive, or organizing game-day snacks and arranging an end-of-season team picnic, typical duties of the team parents.

The volunteer roles requested for Spring registration are listed below. You may select any number of Team Volunteer options, however only two will count toward your three volunteer choices.


Manager (Head Coach)* - manage the team of your child.


Coach* - coach the team of your child.


Field Maintenance - (Assignment to any one of these positions satisfies your volunteer requirement.)


Volunteer Pool - Volunteer available for league-related activities. Tasks are broadcast to pool for enrollment.


Team Volunteer - (Select at left and one or more below. Assignment to any one of these positions satisfies your volunteer requirement.)

Team Parent - Coordinate snacks, roster and communication within a team.


Team Official Scorekeeper (AAA, PCL and Majors) - Keep score for team and coordinate with opponent's scorekeeper.


Team Yearbook Coordinator - Manage the production of the team page in yearbook.

Whatever your role in the program, you will probably find that Palo Alto has a "lower key" approach than do many other Little League programs. Our style reflects the attitudes of the parents who participate. The best way to influence the direction of the program is to get involved!

In 2003, Little League baseball implemented the child protection program. This means all people who volunteer in positions marked with an asterisk (*) above must complete and submit an an online volunteer application. You will have the opportunity to submit this application at the confirmation page of your registration, from a link provided via a post-registration e-mail or from your registration account home page. This application will be kept strictly confidential and reviewed only by the volunteer subcommittee of the Board of Directors.

If you are a league volunteer without a registration account, complete your online registration at this link.