The Board of Directors of Palo Alto Little League would like to extend a warm welcome to all players and parents for the upcoming 2018 Little League season. We sincerely hope that you will find Little League to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Palo Alto Little League (PALL) is a chartered league governed by the published rules and regulations of Little League Baseball, Inc. of Williamsport, Pennsylvania. As such, the League operates under the guiding principle of developing Character, Courage, and Loyalty. Our goals for the players include the following major objectives:

1. Develop an appreciation of athletic competition through participation;
2. Practice sportsmanship and fair play; and
3. Learn baseball skills, rules, and strategy.

Over 1000 Palo Alto youngsters, ranging in age from 5 through 16 years of age, are expected to participate in Little League during the 2018 season. Throughout the season we will, in concert with parents, managers, coaches, and league officials, work to promote increased self-esteem among the players. To further this objective, all participating adults (including spectators!) are expected and required to serve as positive role models with regard to their behavior and attitudes.

Every player should understand and accept that participation is a privilege to be enjoyed only if home duties, school work, and general conduct are performed at the level that their parents expect. Team managers and coaches will cooperate with parents in communicating and meeting their expectations.

Parents who are familiar with the game of baseball as played by older age groups are likely to notice some differences in Little League play. Some rules and game conduct have been modified to promote safety and to be consistent with ability and size limitations typical of the younger players. Team managers and coaches are required to understand these modifications. For detailed explanations of the governing rules of Little League, parents are encouraged to read the Official Regulations and Playing Rules Handbook and the Palo Alto Manager's Handbook, distributed to all managers and board members.