Spring 2018 Skills, PCA and Safety Training

Pitching Safety

These documents explain how PALL is addressing pitching safety:
- Pitch Count Log (PDF)

Safety Plan

PALL Consolidated Safety Plan & Emergency Contact Information Bulletin:
- Consolidated Safety Plan (PDF)
- Emergency Contact Information Bulletin (PDF)

The California Megan's Law database provides the means to identify registered sex offenders in your area.


Volunteer Application Form for Managers, Coaches and Board Members:
- Volunteer Application (PDF)

Manager Forms for Players:
- Consent to Treat, Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk Form (PDF)
(Managers may alternatively use the liability diclaimer on the player Registration Information pages available in the Manager's Dashboard.)

- Special Medical Conditions/Needs Form (PDF)

Forms for reporting an accident:
- General Liability Claim Form (PDF)
- Incident/Injury Tracking Report (PDF)
- AIG Accident Notification Form (PDF)
- AIG Claim Form Instructions (PDF)
- What Parents Should Know about LL Insurance (PDF)