Opening Day is March 17

Where: Middlefield Ballpark
Team Procession begins at 9AM

Assembly Map and Procession

Spring 2018 Registration OPEN!

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Chosen in a drawing on October 24, Robert Stayte is the winner of the raffle.
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Stu Pederson, Father of Dodger's Centerfielder, Joc, Says All Little League Coaches Should Never Say This One Word

"Both sons really enjoyed the years playing baseball at PALL. I want to thank all PALL staff for the time and effort you put in to make PALL a great place for kids to learn and have fun."
John L.

NOTICE: New bat rules starting Jan 1, 2018
As you plan possible holiday baseball purchases, please note that Little League has announced new bat regulations to take effect in Spring 2018. Existing composite and aluminum youth bats will not be legal for Little League play after the Fall 2017 season. The new rule is aligned with the high school and college bat rules, which create a more 'wood-like' performance standard. Wood bats and high school level bats are not impacted. There is more information at

IMPORTANT NEWS: Little League Age Determination Date to Move to August 31 for the 2018 Season. Find out how this may affect your player here.

Steve Young talks about Positive Coaching and PALL – See News >>

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PARENTS: Team Dashboard is a resource to view your team roster, game schedule and communicate with other team families. Use your registration e-mail and password at

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Are you a family new to Palo Alto Little League? If you have not yet had a player registered with PALL and would like notification of SPRING 2020 registration, submit your e-mail address below:

Palo Alto Little League monthly Board Meetings are open to the public. The meeting schedule, agendas and minutes are now online. Start here.

LOST & FOUND items may be submitted/claimed at the Middlefield Ballpark snack shack. Inquire at the window. The snack shack is usually open during games.

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